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Valuation of The Cavern Club Brand

Client: The Cavern Club


Cavern Club City Tours Limited asked Intangible Business to value The Cavern Club brand. the Purpose was to inform management to help drive international expansion initiatives & for recognition on the companies balance sheet. 


Intangible Business conducted a thorough review of the music industry on an international level & identified benchmark iconic music venues. This required a close review of the brands international appeal & its existing commercial & non-commercial activity. 

The brand was valued on an arm's length in accordance with International Valuations Standards Council regulations & presented to the Executive Board of Cavern City Tours Limited.


Our analysis & valuation clearly demonstrated the significant value of the brand.

Most interestingly the brand generates far greater wealth for Liverpool as a city & for the UK Treasury as a whole. For example, The Cavern Club is Cited as one of the most popular Beatles destinations for tourists in Liverpool.